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People and their edges. 

JESS APPLEBAUM - Founding Partner

Jess is a dramaturg-scholar whose practice is rooted in contemporary performance and social action. As a dramaturg she works collaboratively with performance makers, academics, and activists to develop and facilitate creative processes. Her work pays particular attention to lifting up the cultural and political context of each project: identifying how the content developed serves both its creators and its audience in a shared, live moment. As a PhD candidate in CUNY’s Theater and Performance program, Jess’ scholarship focuses on the labor of dramaturgy: pushing the perceived boundaries of how research is performed and applied in both creative and academic work. She believes that bodies perform knowledge, process activates power, and that, together, they can inspire new pedagogical and civic practices.

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NIC BENACERRAF - Founding Partner

Nic is a creative director, scenographer, and public scholar, who creates and studies live performance. As a Mellon Public Humanities Fellow with the PublicsLab, Nic translates concepts from performance studies to deconstruct the techniques of mass persuasion in our everyday lives. As a theater director and scenic designer, Nic engineers systems and environments for genuine human encounters in theaters, galleries, concert halls, and streets. For over a decade he served as founding co-artistic director of The Assembly, a collective dedicated to building slow-cooked works about pressing social issues. He holds a BA from Wesleyan, an MFA from CalArts, and is finishing a PhD in Theatre & Performance at the CUNY Graduate Center. Nic's design work can be found at

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Beatrice (Bea) Antonie Martino (they/them) is a multidisciplinary installation artist, producer, choreographer, performer, and grief advocate. Working at the intersection of live performance and technology, they create site-specific healing rituals and interactive environments that hold space for introspection, emotional processing, and community connection. Bea holds a B.A. with honors in Dance and Psychology from UC Santa Barbara, and an M.A. in Grief Studies from NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study (Artistic Thesis: What Remains: Ritual Spaces for the Contemporary Mourner). Driven by multiple experiences of significant personal loss, Bea has been exploring themes of grief, memory, loss, and identity since 2007. Bea’s artistic work advocates for the value of adequate and appropriate ritual spaces, by providing a holistic model for processing the universal human experience of loss. Learn more at

Credits and thanks:

Kate Fry (Logo Design), Ann Marie Lonsdale

Our work pays tribute to our original artistic homes: 

The Assembly & One Year Lease

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